Information Regarding Parent Communication

Sissy’s Little Lambs Children’s Center supports an “Open Door” Communication Policy Procedure:

  • Parents are welcome to drop in and observe the program at any time. If consultation with a child care provider is desired, please let us know ahead of time so that the child care provider can give you their undivided attention.

  • Telephone communications are encouraged.

  • Parents can expect ongoing communication with staff concerning

    • Their child’s progress

    • Program activities

    • Center operation including fire drills and shelter in place drills.

  • Parents can expect information regarding community resources to be available to them at the Center.

  • Parents are asked to make themselves familiar with the Parent Handbook which states the Center Policies and Procedures which apply to:

    • The care of the children

    • The program

    • The general operation of the Center

  • Parents concerned with the care of their child, or any incidents at the Center are urged to speak with their child’s teacher, and if not satisfied, talk to the Program Director then the Owner.