About Little Lambs

Little Lambs Children's Center was founded on the beliefs that a child's day should be structured around quality education and fun. Our dedicated staff members have the experience and education necessary to offer a warm, supportive, and stimulating learning environment. Little Lambs Children's Center is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (NYSOCFS). All aspects of the center contribute to learning, including daily schedule, curriculum (lessons), educational toys and materials, and children’s interactions with teachers and classmates.

Our Programs:

Infant Program

Our infant classrooms are equipped with materials necessary to meet the individual developmental needs of a growing infant. Our caring staff provides individual attention to each child. Each child is assigned his/her own crib and follows an 

on-demand schedule of eating and sleeping. Little Lambs is well suited for quiet carriage rides for infants, while our infant playground is perfect for the curious older infants. All activities are geared to help infants, with a focus on brain development, creating a word rich environment, sensory experimentation and teaching sign language.

Toddler Program


Our toddler program focuses on socialization, verbalization and academics. We provide a balance of structured activities, such as circle time, music and movement, fine motor skills and open-ended art, as well as gross motor development. Our academic goals include color, shape, and name recognition for this age group as a core foundation of learning.

Preschool Program


Our full-day preschool program offers creative activities in a stimulating environment. The children enjoy small and large group activities, learning centers and circle time. Our academic goals include letter and number recognition as well as early reading competency. Self-regulation and independence skills are an integral part of the pre-school curriculum.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten(UPK)/Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) Program

Our UPK/Pre-K program is designed to meet the needs of the child preparing for Kindergarten. Our highly-qualified teachers offer a full day of UPK program with an emphasis on academic, social and behavioral growth. Our structured centers, circle time, art, dramatic play, science experiments, study of geography and nature, math fun, music appreciation, crafts, cooking projects and more, enable your child to develop the skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten and life.

School's Out Program

When school is scheduled for closure, Little Lambs will provide a safe, fun and nurturing environment at the center with an emphasis on being outdoors. This recreational-driven program is offered to the school-aged child during all school breaks. Little Lambs staff and children agree, "The School's Out Program is a fun-filled vacation from the daily routine of school."

School's Out Summer Program:


Spend a summer creating lifelong friendships at Camp Little Lambs! During the summer months, our center offers both academically fun and adventurous camp for any child who has registered for Kindergarten through 12 years of age. The camp is held Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sissy's Little Lambs Children's Center provides a comprehensive Schools Out program that is sure to excite your child. Our Schools Out program seeks to keep your children's academics sharp through the summer months while also including good old-fashioned fun. Children can cozy up with a book in the hammock corner,  perform skits on the lean-to stage, help to care for ducklings, plant and maintain vegetables and flowers in the gardens, express themselves through artwork, sports, lawn games, and so much more! In addition, our program invites local professionals to come in and work with our children. Some of our past visitors have included local artists, detectives, emergency personnel, farmers, performers, DEC officers, veterinarians, etc! As part of the program, various interactive classes are offered to the children including Soccer Shots, theatre, dance, art, etc.


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"Everyone that joins LOVES coming to Camp Little Lambs in the summer. The schedule is filled with fun arts and crafts projects like dancing raisins and making mad scientists hats. Exploring Pine Lake's forests, learning to fish, swimming in the deep-end and jumping off the dock are just a few of the great outdoor activities. Our teacher, Mr. Matt, helps us catch frogs from the beautiful pond and the center is filled to the brim with adorable babies that you can see! Coming to camp has helped me become the nine year old kid I am today."

-Graham Strolin, Age 9

Three-year Little Lambs Camper